Sunshine Seedling Services has another dimension to its growth of plants.

We stock a wide variety of annual and perennial flowers. Our seedlings are germinated and then planted out into 6 pack punnets and 4 pack punnets. The flowers are also bagged according to special requirements and orders. We have also introduced beautiful hanging baskets, cascading with colour.

Sunshine Seedlings sends out an availability list weekly (every Wednesday morning), allowing you to scan the variety and choose the plants you want. This is mostly on a “first-come-first-serve basis”, and the most popular flowers tend to be snatched up quickly, so we suggest you get your order in early. This list shows the flowers that are in season and currently available. All our annuals are planted according to the season, so you need not worry about if they will be suited for the climate.


All the flower seed is hand-planted, and the quality of the seed and seedlings is carefully selected by our very knowledgeable, and well-known Gordon Stewart. The selection enables the best growth results in the Natal climate.  Please feel free to ask us to grow special orders for your specific requirements, either in bags or 6 packs. We can also plant up hanging baskets with your choice of flowers.  As well as annual flowers in 6 packs, we also supply vegetables and herbs in 12 packs, 6 packs, 4 packs and bagged.

We have a glorious selection of mixed vegetables and mixed herbs so you can have the variety and choice of a couple of species. In winter, for example, we have a “plant your own soup mix” with a combination of broccoli, cauliflower and spinach, or parsley, broccoli and spring onion. What can be more rewarding than growing your very own vegetables for the pot!

Our mixed lettuce 6 pack is most popular. Salads can be brightened with the red, frilly and green leaves. We have a mix of herb baskets, perfect for hanging outside your kitchen door. These vary with parsleys, basil, thyme or whatever you  wish to grow.

Sunshine Seedlings also encourage the growing of your own salad garden. What with all the chemicals and fertilizers used on the fresh produce we buy in shops, we believe that you can enjoy the freshest, best quality vegetables right out of your own garden. So, go on, plant your own salad garden!

Sunshine Seedlings is a wholesale nursery, and we deliver and supply seedlings to many garden centres in and around Pietermaritzburg. We do enjoy the visitors that come to the nursery and choose their own plants.  Delivery is available on request, and a transport charge may be added depending on the distance and the quantity of the order.

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