Golden Kiwis – Sunshine Seedling Services

The sunny cousin of the green kiwi is the golden variety, and the market for it is strong and growing. With a sweeter, less acidic taste, it has been well received on the Far East, UK and European markets. Golden kiwis should be grown under netting.

Golden Kiwi Production

Golden kiwis planted on 2ha to 4ha make a good addition to an existing farming operation where implements and equipment are already available. Golden kiwis require less winter chilling than standard green flesh varieties, which extends the potential production region across a wider area of South Africa.

The ambient temperature should not exceed 35°C in summer, however. High humidity is preferable during the fruiting season, but growers in warm, low-humidity conditions have seen good results with mister systems installed in the orchard.

Using good rootstock is a necessity when planting a new orchard, and as availability has increased, so too has the use of grafted plants. Most golden varieties require plant breeder’s rights, however.

The first harvest can be obtained within just four years. The season varies from February to March for early varieties, and into April for mid- to late-season cultivars. The crop is harvested once annually, and vines can stay productive for at least 40 years if well looked after.