Vegetables – Sunshine Seedling Services

Wide Variety of Vegetable Seedlings, Pietermaritzburg

Sunshine Seedling Services produces a wide variety of vegetable seedlings, which are grown to order.

Ian Sumner, nursery manager, and Quinton Tarr, ensure that plant pathologists pay regular visits to the nursery to monitor plants, disease and health status. All these factors and extra precaution enable Sunshine Seedlings to boast of superior quality seedlings being produced.

Spinach - Vegetable Seedling Nursery - Pietermaritsburg, South Africa
Lettuce - Vegetable Seedling Nursery - Pietermaritsburg, South Africa

Sunshine Seedlings Vegetable Advice:

  • Always take soil samples and only apply what is required.
  • Ensure seedlings stands are close to 100%, blanking may be necessary.
  • Only irrigate what the plant requires.
  • Over irrigation costs extra money and leeches out nutrients.
  • Improve yield and quality by doing trials with new varieties.
  • Farm smarter and plan better.