We sow ideas, we transplant solutions.”

Urbinati Srl has been founded in 1980 and since then it has always been operating in the horticulture and forestry business, reaching high technological standards with their machines.

Designers and technicians are focused to deliver high level service and support to the customers offering them:

– custom designed project to find the best and cost-effective solution that meets their needs.

– ongoing research on new material to ensure high reliability and performing solutions.

– along with after sales department follow up customers’ requests.

The whole machines’ range is manufactured inside Urbinati’s own facilities, and all machines are designed to match specific requirements of each customer with maximum flexibility within their operation.

Urbinati follows market trends daily and thanks to that they can plan the development of new machines to respond to the most demanding customers.

Urbinati has very skilled Partners based across the globe and are represented in over 100 countries reaching out to all nursery growers. today Urbinati can reach every corner of the Earth, guaranteeing high professionalism and quality of its products entirely made in Italy.

Choose Urbinati solutions mean to make an investment on professionality and future vision in which automated solutions are the cornerstone of your operation.

Listening, understanding, and responding to the needs of a constantly evolving market: this is the goal that we set every day.”

Romina Urbinati


Currently there are over 50 machines in use in South Africa so contact Sunshine Seedling Services who are the agents for Urbinati in South Africa to assist you in upgrading your nursery machinery.

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