Top Crop Nursery, which opened its doors in 1981, has been a well-known business within the community for many years and has recently been added to the TWK family.

Speaking to Mike Kruger from Top Crop Nursery, they have always been a part of the local community, as well as a part of the TWK group, and they will continue to be part of the community.

The group of 75 working at Top Crop Nursery are experienced and knowledgeable. From the first point of contact, Wendy De Bruyn, all the way to those working with the products (plants), you will find what you need.

Top Crop and Superlawn has been, and continues to be, a leader in certain lawn and turf grasses throughout the country.

Superlawn grass has been planted on Wanderers (Centurion) and Newlands (Cape Town) cricket pitches. Their grass can be found on Kings park rugby stadium, Moses Mabhida stadium and many other stadia. We are proud of our turf being used on both Greyville and Scottsville racecourses as well as the Ashburton and Sumerveld Training Centres.  Added to the list, there is grass developed, grown and supplied to many golf courses including some of the Top Courses. Trays of grass have been supplied to schools throughout the country. If you buy grass from Builders stores it is likely to have come from Top Crop. Grasses have also been exported to the Middle east and to the Bahamas, as well as our neighbouring coutries.  The list is endless.

No other business has the selection of warm season grasses that Top Crop can offer.

Who do they cater for though?

They cater mainly for other nurseries across the country and overseas, as well as for landscapers (buying in bulk). But what does Top Crop and Superlawn produce?

From cuttings and grass production to other ornamentals as well as garden and landscape greens but on a wholesale level.

They have a range of about 250 species and varieties of both indigenous and exotic perennial plants that they are growing (which will be expanded in time). They carry the largest range of indigenous lawn and ornamental grasses (veld grasses) in the country.

But why would anyone need indigenous grass? For rehabilitating areas where erosion took place or even where alien plants were removed. The benefits of establishing indigenous grasses are numerous. These include water saving benefits as indigenous grass uses less water than alien species.

They do produce a number of exotic species as well for those who are in need of something a bit different. With several species available, they will likely have something you need.

At Top Crop Nursery they take considerable care with regards to where indigenous grass’ seed originally came from, in order to return them to areas with similar climates (this means adaptability is more likely). The indigenous grass plugs are grown from carefully selected seed (harvested from the wild), and grown in the nursery till they can be shipped out, ready to be planted. The options provided really includes everything you will need!

Top Crop Nursery is known for unique products of high quality.

This is something that will benefit quite a few sectors, with farmers and reserves being two of the most obvious beneficiaries from having indigenous grass. In a country that has a lot of soil erosion, as well as numerous alien plants, it would surely be a good thing. With a strong movement to plant more indigenous plants and grasses, the popularity of indigenous grass will increase over the next couple of years.

What makes their products unique and ideal to use? The health of the plants is of utmost importance. Care is taken to ensure the nutrition of the plants, and how they will thrive when replanted (hardiness). Healthy plants, whether cuttings or ornamentals, need to be able to thrive in their new environments, and products coming from Top Crop Nursery will do just that.

“We concentrate on having the best seasonal plants and grasses available for delivery throughout the country,” Mike Kruger.

Top Crop Nursery is known for unique products of high quality that are readily available to be delivered to all centers in South Africa, as well as neighboring countries. They will continue to deliver to their international cliental as well.

For the foreseeable future, they will concentrate on the production of plants for the nursery and landscaping trade. Increasing the range and availability of these products is a high priority for them, whilst ensuring the service received and quality of the products remains high as they always have.

Due to some changes that were made in recent months, where forestry and vegetable production have been moved to Sunshine Seedling Services, this has left more space in which other popular lines can be expanded. With larger numbers, popular lines can be supplied to more clients. And even some new lines can be brought in the future, offering more high quality products. All of our Ornamental plugs are produced in a 98 cavity deep Ellepot plug.

So, whether you are doing some large-scale landscaping and you are in need of high-quality ornamentals, or if you are looking at exotic or indigenous grass, the team at Top Crop Nursery are your point of contact. And yes, that means your local nursery can stock Top Crop Nursery products!

May Top Crop Nursery find their place in the TWK family and flourish for many more years to come!

And if you do find yourself in the Cramond area, take some time to explore. You might just find some peace for your soul, or catch a bass that didn’t get away!

Top Crop Nursery can be found at Brigadon Farm Cramond District and they can be reached on or Tel: 033 569 1333/4/5.

It is always pleasant to do business with people who know both what they are talking about, as well as their products. Mixing in passion for their products as well as a high level of quality and service? That is a winning combination.



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