Sunshine Seedlings Services Caring During Covid

Sunshine Seedling Services has partnered with farmers to grow and donate vegetables for the wonder bag feeding scheme.

Ian Sumner helping to off load fresh vegetables
Seedlings donated for community gardens
Farmers delivery their produce
Beautiful vegetables
The community members waiting for their produce

Sunshine Seedling Services, Weston Agricultural College and Umati have forged a partnership to revitalize home gardens. We visited the Lighthouse and Bruntville Primary yesterday. Staff and volunteers guided eager residents on the cultivation processes; all organic. UBUNTU in action!

Sunshine Seedling Services SGASA Certificate

Sunshine Seedling Services is reviewed and audited by Seedling Growers Association of South Africa annually.

This certification ensures our seedlings are of the best possible quality and that we are adhereing to standards nationally. Customers can have piece of mind that when they purchase Sunshine Seedling Services seedlings, they are investing in good quality, high-yielding plant material.

Some Positive Outlook for Farmers Through This Time

They ran to the groceries, they filled up their carts, 🛒🥩🥚🥛

They emptied Checkers, PnP and Spar

They panicked and fought and then panicked some more, Then they rushed to their homes and they locked all the doors.

The food will be gone! The milk eggs and cheese! 😱

The yogurt! The apples! The green beans and peas!

The stores have run out, now what will we do? 😩

They’ll be starving and looting and nothing to do!☹️

Then they paused, and they listened a moment or two.

And they did hear a sound, rising over the fear, It started out far, then began to grow near. 👍

But this sound wasn’t sad, nor was it new, The farms were still doing what farms always do. ❤️

The food was still coming, though they’d emptied the shelves, The farms kept it coming, though they struggled themselves,

Though the cities had forgotten from where their food came, The farms made them food every day, just the same.

Through weather and critics and markets that fall, The farms kept on farming in spite of it all. 👩‍🌾 🌱 🌽

They farmed without thank yous.

They farmed without praise.

They farmed on the hottest and coldest of days. 💪🏼

They’d bought all the food, yet the next day came more, And the people thought of something they hadn’t before.

Maybe food, they thought, doesn’t come from a store.

Maybe farmers, perhaps, mean a little bit more. ❤️ 🐂🐄

Sunshine Seedling Services Spreads Some Light in Dark Times

Sunshine Seedling Services supports local community gardens and upliftment projects. The donation of seedlings enables small business start ups which provide income for families. Sunshine Seedling Services supplies seedlings and the gardeners and supported and assisted to maintain there gardens and sell the produce. Sunshine Seedling Services – a company that cares

Sunshine Seedling Services keeping it clean during Corona Virus

Steps we taking to ensure safety and health of our staff
Enabling our staff to understand the seriousness of the virus and how to keep themselves as safe as possible

In-Field Performance Of Seedlings - Sunshine Seedling Services - Pietermaritsburg, South Africa

In-field Performance of Seedlings

Sunshine Seedling Services does regular customer visits to follow up on the service to customers. A picture says a thousand words, so these photos speak volumes of the quality and excellent performance of vegetable seedlings in field.

mpressive In-Field Performance - Sunshine Seedling Services - Pietermaritsburg, South Africa

Impressive In-field Performance

Sunshine Seedling Services is exactly that. Quality seedlings with the added follow up service. Customer visits are done monthly to farmers and the standard of quality is assessed and as seen in the photos, in-field performance is excellent!